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Editorial for Brooklyn-based Boy Blondey's F/W22 Jamaican Rude-Boys Inspired Collection "Shanty Town" Shot on Film By Ray Miah, Founder and Creative Director of Oree New York


Meighan Cordero is a Brooklyn-born photographer whose work started with her desire to document her closest friends and Puerto Rican culture. She is also interested in experimental photography that explores the senses. Her love of different cultures and documenting people in their truest form is what keeps her going. She believes that if you photograph what you love, it’ll live forever.


A fine artist from Queens, New York, Dean formed his deeply intimate, poetic and cinematic style through snapshot, candid moments and impromptu portraiture. His work explores brotherhood, masculinity, male-female relationships and the overall human condition, touching on self-destruction, loneliness, and most of all, collective and personal grief. He is extremely passionate about cinema, immensely devoted to his friends (his chosen family), and a proud New Yorker. He believes that love, above all, is the driving force behind everything he does.