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When I first came across Raymond’s work, I was immediately drawn to a few things. His exclusive use of analog photography, and the type of images he was able to capture by doing so. It was as if each photo was able to embrace and document the emotions and feelings present at that moment in time. A few images from his trip this past year to New York caught my eye, and prompted me to reach out to him, to learn more about himself and his work.

T: Could You Introduce Yourself and Tell Me a Bit About Yourself?

RC: My name is Raymond Charles. I was born in Philly, but grow up in Puerto Rico (during) my early childhood years and then moved to Atlanta when I was 10. I lived there for another 10 years. I skateboard, play basketball, and I’m goated in smash bros ultimate...I want smoke with anyone.

T: What do you believe is special about film photography? What does film allow you to capture that you wouldn’t else be able to?

RC: It’s special because what you shoot is what you get…there aren’t really any retries. You learn to work with what you got and look at the bright side of things. With digital, I know it takes crazy amounts of skill but you can keep trying and trying until you get exactly what you want. I feel like you can capture the actual emotions.

“You learn to work with what you got and look like the bright side of things...I feel like you can capture the actual emotions.”

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