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courtesy Nico Henriquez

Q: Introduce yourself

A: My name is Davontay Ivery (@rebirthofstixx). I am a fashion designer. I run Boy Blondey and also work for Orée NYC and Taller de Rafa.

Q: What is Boy Blondey?

A: It’s an ever-evolving thing. Right now, it is a conduit to tell black-American history. I really want to highlight (parts) of history that are not very well known, finding sub-cultures in history and shining a light on them. @boyblondeyco

Q: As a creative, what is the message you hope to get across?

A: Honestly, I feel like there is so much Black-American history amongst black people that is not really known so my mission is to bring it to the masses. I hope people will actually go back and do the research to learn more about the things that I drop.

Q: Who/What are your inspirations?

A: My biggest influence in life is just music in general. I feel like music is the conduit for a lot of my collections. I will find a song and just dig in and will go through a rabbit hole, figuring out the whole genre, the artist, and the subculture around the genre. Music is absolutely the biggest thing.

Q: What’s next for you/the brand?

A: The next step is putting myself out there. A YouTube channel is definitely on the way. Also, i want to dive into different creative disciplines like furniture and art.

Q: What’s on the playlist right now?

A: It’s a bit of everything. A little 80s dancehall, always Jazz, like Cortex, John Coltrane, and Thelonious Monk. RnB, I’m listening to a lot of 112 right now. Kind of all over the place. Queens rap like Mobb Deep, Nas, and 50 Cent. All of that.

Q: What do you have to say to people who believe “New York’s Not Back”?

A: I feel like New York is never going to go away because it’s New York. I feel like there is a new energy in New York. There are a lot of new up and coming people hungry and wanting to make a name for themselves. I feel like they are who’s next. I’ve been seeing a lot of young people just getting it, and they are about to take over.

Q: Who's up next? Shout ‘em out

A: First and foremost, Boy Blondey, Orée NYC, Taller de Rafa, Rituals. There are so many. the binary group, Suare New York and Fetti New York.

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