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Courtesy of Chicago Magazine

He was a pioneer and creator, someone who influenced so many. Virgil managed to bring together two polar opposite worlds, streetwear and high fashion. An architect by training, he approached design through a new lens. Everything Virgil did told a story, was done for a reason, and had a purpose behind it. What was also evident was Virgil’s tremendous hard work and care for others. He served as an inspiration and left a mark on today’s youth, particularly of color, when he became the first Black Artistic Director for world-renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton. On a more personal note, re-watching and studying Virgil’s lectures at from 2016/2017 left me with a new perspective on creativity and design, changing my thinking on what it means to actually create, serving as inspiration for my project, Jai Street. I will be among the many others who will continue to remember and take inspiration from his legacy and story.

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