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all images courtesy of @MarsYard_Overshoe

A few months ago, after first learning about the Nike Mars Yard wear testers program for Tom Sachs’ third shoe with Nike, I was a bit skeptical, yet quite interested. The goal for this project was to allow a select group of consumers to test out the shoe, and provide real-time feedback regarding the shoe’s performance, all to assist in the developments of a final product before being officially released to the public. While the idea made some sense and was quite unique, I couldn't quite decide whether we, as consumers have the ability and knowledge to critique as well as provide detailed feedback to really make a difference to a product.

After decided I must speak with someone directly involed and actively participating in this wear-testing program for the Mars Yard shoe, they turned out to be @MarsYard_Overshoe who not only provided me with tremendous insight, but also proved my initial skepticism to be wrong.

Question #1: Overall, how would you describe your experience testing out the new Mars Yards?

MarsYard_Overshoe: Enjoyable in every aspect… I’ve worn Nike Air shoes for a long time so going back to a free outsole and a flat shoe has been interesting.

Question #2: What activities have most challenged the structure of the shoe itself…. in what way?

MarsYard_Overshoe: It’s not water proof so any hiking in water deeper than a couple of inches will get your feet wet…. The shoe works amazing in snow and ice. Even though it’s not water proof, its designed in a way that you can wear it in deep snow and your feet stay dry. They will be cold, but dry is more important.

Question #3: What activities have the shoe been most compatible with?

MarsYard_Overshoe: Working and making things in a studio.

Question #4: Lastly, what is your final feedback for Tom Sachs and the rest of the team when it comes to developing the final product?

MarsYard_Overshoe: We still have another month (or more)… my experience with the overshoes tells me that true feedback won't be given until the shoe has more time on foot. Right now, the only feedback is to finish the edge on the nexskin tongue so it doesn’t destroy socks like it does now.

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